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Global Warming Videos on YouTube

November 23, 2008

I looked for some global warming videos on YouTube and found some really good ones.  I recommend you visit and start typing words and phrases that match global warming and you will definitely find some controversial and eye opening videos.  Here just some of the ones I found that we cool.


Seeking Permission to Upload Videos to YouTube

July 6, 2008

In several classes that I have taught recently a common question that has come is, “If I take someone’s video with my Flip Video and post it to my website or blog do I need permission?”  Here is another one, “If we use a video we found somewhere else can I use this in my presentation?”  These have been tough questions to answer since I am no attorney nor do I intend to give legal advice.  The only way to really answer this question is to err on the side of playing it safe.

Web 2.0 allows us to post videos to websites, blogs, and social communities for free.  The video host, ie., YouTube then allows us to share the video by forwarding the hyperlink for the individual video or give us the embed code to insert the video directly into the website.

Here are my questions of thought:

  1. Did you receive explicit written permission from the people that appear in the video?
  2. Did you obtain explicit written permission to use logos that are not your own in the videos?
  3. If you are sharing a video that someone else has created, do you then assume the responsibility for what appears in the video?
  4. Was any defamation of character used in the video?
  5. Does the video violate any policies of your company, association, or membership of any organization you belong to?
  6. Did you use any portion of the video that someone else has produced?
  7. Will you upset someone by uploading or sharing this video with others?
  8. Does the video comply with the Code of Ethics, Fair Housing, or multiple listing service rules and regulations?

Traditional and conservative thinking limits the ability to create, share, and improve the social communication of new ideas.  Oliver Wendell Holmes says, “Once a man or woman’s mind has been expanded with an idea or concept, it can never be satisfied to going back to where it was.”  As a result of limiting sharing positive experiences we limit our ability to think outside the box thus remain stagnant.

A quote from an experience Real Estate Educator in Arizona

“Our new young people are about ‘open platforms’, while our generation is about rules and permission.  What is our message to those coming up to take our places if we disallow a relatively “open platform”.

We will see great discussion on this topic of sharing information using Web 2.0 in our REALTOR associations, companies, and organizations.

I found this post from Active Rain and want to share it with  you.

This post does not and should not imply giving legal advice.  Please consult with your attorney prior to uploading content to the web or sharing videos to YouTube.

Please make comments in order to increase the awareness of using this new method of marketing and communication.

Creating a YouTube Player for your videos ONLY

June 3, 2008

I used to say that YouTube was just an okay way to get by without paying for video hosting but I just found out something new that will help everyone save money when producing and hosting video.  You can now create a customized YouTube player that plays the videos YOU WANT and does NOT redirect to other videos you may not want your clients to see.


I have provided the step by step manual to do this for FREE.


Here is the link to download this for FREE.


Here is the link to my personal website that contains an example.

Save YouTube Videos to Your Desktop

May 5, 2008

There is a big difference between inserting a video into a PowerPoint and linking a video to a PowerPoint.   You can link a video file or link to a website that contains the video. 


Instructors have been using YouTube Videos in their presentation to show examples of what to do and what not to do.  I would recommend asking permission of the producer to use the video to limit the liability and potential violation of copyright laws.


Click on this link to view a printable PDF on how to take YouTube videos and link them into your PowerPoint presentations by capturing the video from YouTube and saving the video as a video file (MPEG, AVI) on your computer.


For those of you that teach Fair Housing this would be a good one to grab.



I will be teaching an advance PowerPoint session at Midyear Convention in Washington D.C. if you can make the ABR recertification.  It will cover mainly PPT 2007 and multimedia presentations. 

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