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Global Warming Videos on YouTube

November 23, 2008

I looked for some global warming videos on YouTube and found some really good ones.  I recommend you visit and start typing words and phrases that match global warming and you will definitely find some controversial and eye opening videos.  Here just some of the ones I found that we cool.


How to Videos in Plain English

July 8, 2008

Online photo sharing


Social Media



Creating a YouTube Player for your videos ONLY

June 3, 2008

I used to say that YouTube was just an okay way to get by without paying for video hosting but I just found out something new that will help everyone save money when producing and hosting video.  You can now create a customized YouTube player that plays the videos YOU WANT and does NOT redirect to other videos you may not want your clients to see.


I have provided the step by step manual to do this for FREE.


Here is the link to download this for FREE.


Here is the link to my personal website that contains an example.