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How to Recruit Young Leaders – Improve the Transparency of REALTOR Associations

November 25, 2008

I have heard frustrations that current leadership want young professionals to participate and join association leadership activities but have no idea how to get them involved.  It is interesting because Generation Y or the Millennials are community driven, fast acting, and innovative in perspective.  They ask … why do things have to be the way they are now, or why can’t we do this another way?  A young leader with guidance from mentors, practice in serving and patience with existing ideals can revolutionize an association.

Generational housing shares that we should keep in mind the preferred method of communication for all of our perspective clients.  If we were to target Gen Y and get them involved then we ought to learn how to communicate with them.  This involves new forms of communication using text messaging, blogs, podcasts, social networks, and online communities. More importantly, young professionals want to do their homework online, communicate online, and share online.  Young professionals are able to create binding relationships online that add value to one another.  Young professionals want to see the transparency in people, groups, and associations so that they can choose how to participate from a distance before they commit to an in person meeting.

We have all the tools to help our organizations communicate more efficiently, faster, and offer more member services while consuming less resources.

It is time to start rethinking the way that we market, communicate, and advertise our services to our members. The future of association lies in the leaders that we select and the new tools that guide membership to embrace innovative concepts and embrace transparency as a way of life.

Take a look at this presentation that I have created for how to implement transparency with young association leaders.

As leaders of your association you have the tools at your side (technology), the materials, (the leadership), and the energy to move your group to collaborate on new ideas, changes and laws that impact the private property rights of homeowners. It is a big ship and may not turn easy but with a little guidance, practice, and patience you can improve the transparency of your association and recruit young leaders into your association.

Please pass this along to your association leadership, board of directors, committee chairs, and young members to see how this plan can fit into your strategic action plan.

Comments are requested below.


Instructor Development Workshops – National Association of REALTORS Convention

November 7, 2008

I was blessed to be able to teach some of the best real estate instructors in the U.S. and world this week during the National Association of REALTORS convention in Orlando, Florida.  These two information packed sessions were for both the Certified International Property Specialist instructor (CIPS) and Real Estate BUYER’S AGENT Council (REBAC) cadre.  If you missed the session or want a quick recap please review the PowerPoint, see some pictures, handout, and videos.

Survey answers in spreadsheet

Downloadable PDF handout

Am I Crazy for Being FREE, Cheap, and Easy?

October 21, 2008

When I was introduced to speak at the Hawaii Association of REALTORS State Convention in 2008, current State President Richie Richardson introduced me as the guy that is FREE, cheap, and easy.

“FREE” means there are some technologies that are out there that could severely eliminate budget items that do not cost a dime.  In fact, they will produce a higher net result that most traditional methods of communication, marketing, and advertising.

“Cheap” means that there are some technologies that require little investment.

“Easy” means that the technologies are easy to implement but it just takes a little bit of time to learn.

Let me be clear that I am not FREE nor am I cheap to hire.  I am definitely not easy as in being casual with my relationships.  I just want the ability to make a difference in peoples’ lives during these tough times.

I have had so many comments lately about me giving away all of my trade secrets to everyone purely on basis that one day people will see the value in bringing me in as a consultant, convention speaker, or workshop leader.  Please take a second to give me feedback.

Florida Association of REALTORS Education Directors Workshop

October 17, 2008

Video of YouTube Demonstration

Download Handout Here

Frequently Asked Questions Here

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Attendee Testimonials

111 Ways to Save Time and Money Using Google Docs

September 27, 2008

At the Missouri Association of REALTORS Business conference this month I had the priviledge to share all of the new ways you can use Google Docs for agents, brokers, REALTOR Associations, and instructors in 50 minutes.  How do you think I shared 111 in 50 minutes?  I explain the benefits, how to create the documents and then opened up the floor to see what documents they could create, edit, and share online.  I knew we couldn’t get all of them covered so I came up with my own 111 ways to share with the group when they were stuck.  Would you know that they had some similar ideas but had some gems that I want to share with you on the PowerPoint presentation listed below.

If you have some more ways please share them with everyone by making comments

22 Qualities of a Good Leader

September 24, 2008

Here are the 22 qualities of a good leader based on the discussion today from our Missouri Association of REALTORS 2008 graduating class of the State Leadership Academy.

  1. Pull the best out of people
  2. Put other people above yourself
  3. Challenge ideas from another viewpoint
  4. Passionate about people
  5. Dedication to serving others
  6. Pushing people past their limits
  7. Never give up
  8. Generous of sharing
  9. Make other people feel important
  10. Thinking outside the box
  11. Alternative thinking
  12. Complete honesty
  13. Wealth of information
  14. Easily accessible
  15. Work long hours
  16. Finding the right answers
  17. Working with all ages
  18. Dealing with tough situations
  19. Making the rounds with other people
  20. Compassionate for what people need
  21. Diverse in decision
  22. Step outside self

Pacific Rim Convention 2008 – Hawaii Association of REALTORS

September 22, 2008

This has been one of the best experiences of my life. Many mahalos to the Hawaii Association of REALTORS members, sponsors and staff for an exciting event.

What did other say about the 2008 Pacific Rim Event?

Download the handout at

Here are the slides as promised.

Please give us feedback on what you learned from this presentation.

Transparency of Association Leadership

September 21, 2008

People will do business with you if they know you, like you, and TRUST you.

People will join, participate, and share their hearts, ideas and minds if they know you, like you, and TRUST you.

People will give all that they can if they…..

Where are the new leaders?

Where are the new leaders?

What is stopping new members from actively participating in the bureaucracy of leadership, in my opinion, is the lack of transparency of how the association makes decisions and communicates those decisions with their members.  Generation Y is a very giving, sharing, and community based demographic but are they not giving more??  I think it is because they are not involved in the process or cannot see what is happening behind the scenes.

Here are some ways to improve the transparency:

RSS.  Associations make decisions often and members need should be informed IMMEDIATELY.  This does not mean send out an email blast.  It means adding RSS feeds for status updates, calendar appointments, and changes in practice.  This can be done using a blogging or online social networking platform.

Google Docs.  Decisions, minutes, bylaws, and committees communicate regularly by email are working harder than they have to.  Committee members can be allowed to share and edit documents in real time and make decisions how they can be posted to the web for FREE.  In addition the revision history and RSS feed for documents can

Podcasting.  Set up a free teleconferencing service with and interview a person of influence.  Take the MP3 recording and edit using and upload the file to  Total cost $10/month for unlimited plus $10/year for the domain name.

Social media.  I see more associations using this as a way of positioning themselves online.  How do you make it better?  Discuss hot topics that answer frequently asked questions.  Include RSS feeds from your blogs, podcasts, and status updates.  Set this up once and like Ron Popeil would say, “Set it and forget it”.

New and existing members will appreciate innovative ways of communicating with them.  The only cost is time and time is money.

Time saved:

Once a blog entry has been posted it releases to all of the online social media.  Total time 20 minutes.  No extra steps.

Once a Google document has been edited it releases to all those who have access to the feed.  Total time 0 minutes.  No extra steps.

Once the podcast date has been determined you have to record, edit, and release to the feed.  Total time 30 minutes.  No extra steps.

Once the social networking account has been set up and RSS feeds in place there is not much else to do.  Total time to set up RSS feed 5 minutes.  No extra steps.

Has your association staff been retrained to accommodate this new form of social media?

Young Real Estate Leaders Unite

September 6, 2008

This is your chance to give back in an open and collaborative environment.

Calling all up and coming real estate leaders!  This is not a MySpace page,  it is not a Facebook group,  this is a place where discussions will take place to help one another grow in a  private and collaborative environment.

Young Real Estate Leaders

Young Real Estate Leaders

This group is not for everyone. This group is ONLY for those who are dedicated towards serving their communities, REALTOR® associations, and companies by becoming centers of influence.

If you join and do not participate you will be removed from the group.  If you join and post obscene or hurtful comments you will be removed from the group.  If your messages become too political you will be removed from the group.  If your messages turn into self promotion you will be removed from the group.

We will be able to work faster, smarter, and share ideas that will help our REALTOR® associations with fresh ideas that can easily be implemented which will benefit membership and the private property rights of home owners.

Here are the ways to participate:

  1. Videos.  Post videos that demonstrate the benefits of being a REALTOR, educational talks, and anything that will benefit the search or sale of homes.  We encourage out of the box thinking and creative ways to define alternative ways of serving buyers and sellers of real estate.
  2. Photos.  Post pictures that actively display collaborative meetings, agents working hard, clients being served, and successes within the community.
  3. Forum.  Post discussion topics that everyone can benefit from and also answer questions that will benefit members.
  4. Chat.  Post anything that is on your mind that has relevance to the market, challenges of being a young real estate leader, or success stories from the day.
  5. Events.  Please list any events that other members will benefit from.  These include webinars, designation courses, and conventions that other members are able to attend.
  6. Notes.  Please list anything on your mind, great websites found, or invaluable tips that you want to share with others.  Please limit the notes to 100 words or less
  7. RSS.  Each member should subscribe to the latest activity history by email or in a RSS reader to keep up to date on what is happening in the young real estate leader community.

How do you get started?

Visit or

You must sign up and join the group.  Anyone is allowed to join but they must meet strict requirements in order to stay in the group.

Ways to encourage others to join:

  1. Email your friends the exact same notice or the link or and encourage them to join the group.
  2. Create a badge.  The badge identifies you as a member of the group and you can post your badge to your blog, Facebook profile, MySpace Profile, and/or website using HTML source code.

If you wish to participate in the administration of the Young Real Estate Leaders Group we will be looking for the following positions:

  1. President
  2. Chief Technical Officer
  3. Treasurer
  4. Secretary
  5. Membership

There will be plans to have a Board of Directors that will actively manage the direction of the group.  All meetings will be online or using teleconference as a last resort.  These meetings will be paperless and efficiently run in 20 minutes once a month.

Thank you again for your interest!
Doug Devitre
Young Real Estate Leader Network Administrator

Will LinkedIn Benefit My Real Estate Business?

September 4, 2008

Are you LinkedIn

Are you LinkedIn

LinkedIn has benefited my business and many other real estate professionals in many different ways.

1. You can be found. Having a profile is better than not having one at all. My friend Sean Moore with RE/MAX Boone Realty in Columbia, MO said he had a prospect contact him and sold him two houses in 3 years and received 3 million in referral sales by just having the profile. Also, if you type in your name in google search the linkedin profile moves closer to the top because of the amount of referring and outbound links.

2. Online resume. Sometimes our own personal website is too flashy and it may be hard to find the bullet points of who we really are, our past experience, and the type of client we represent. The LinkedIn profile is a non-threatening research tool for prospects to see what your experience is like.

3. Build your database by downloading the LinkedIn Toolbar to your Outlook or uploading the .csv file and invite people to join your network who already participate in LinkedIn. Add a personal message instead of using the “I would like you to join my network”. Say instead, “I am excited to see you are using LinkedIn as a tool to communicate with like minded business professionals. I was hoping we could share some ideas that will help one another in our business. Please add me to your network so we can begin our relationship online.”

4. Recommendations. It is easy to build client testimonials with the right approach. If someone is choosing by their LinkedIn profiles is it better to have 2 recommendations or 20. Once you have built a network of 200 people send those people a message that asks them to endorse you as a real estate agent. They will be more likely to respond if you sent them a personal note saying, “Thank you for being a part of my network. As you may have already viewed my profile and know more about my business I was hoping you could write a brief recommendation about the services I provide that I can share with others. If you would like me to reciprocate then I would be more than happy to help.”

5. Message success rate. Since most people receive anywhere between 50-75% junk email, email messages are often overlooked. Not many people are using LinkedIn to send inmail messages so the inboxes are much lighter than traditional email inboxes. Any inmail message sent from LinkedIn is automatically sent by email too so the recipient gets hit twice thus increasing the email success rate.

6. Participating in Q&A. Those who ask questions as well as answer questions in LinkedIn are thought of as experts in their respective fields. Asking questions means you care about the business enough to inquire about how to do something better, faster, or at a higher level. Answering questions reveals solutions to uncommon thought processes or an effective solution. Thank you for asking this question. People viewing this answer will appreciate you taking the time to ask and see the answers.

7. Finding people of influence. Who are the major decision makers that choose real estate professionals in large corporate moves. Relocation coordinators, human resource managers, and other brokers in outside markets may be quick to refer someone if you are: #1 there, #1 a connection, and #3 if you have recommendations to back your level of service.

LinkedIn can produce results in the real estate business but a proactive approach is necessary to fully reap the awards. It is no different than attending a networking event, sharing business cards, asking and answering questions in a live setting. Online is faster and more effective in my own personal opinion.

To read more about my articles on online social networking for brokers, agents, REALTOR Associations please visit my blog at or my website at for more FREE resources.