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Market Yourself for FREE – TV Show

November 1, 2008

I have been researching new ways to market yourself and real estate business for FREE and now I have the perfect solution on how to deliver this education. Welcome to www.DougDevitre.TV. We will be hosting live discussions, classes, and how to demonstrations in both synchronous and asynchronous learning environments.

Tune into the show at pre-set times and interact with me live using the instant messenger. Ask questions for more explanation about advance technology applications or clarification on complex subject matter.

If you miss a show then do not worry. These live sessions will be recorded to play back anytime, anywhere. All you need is a high speed internet connection and visit www.DougDevitre.TV.

We had a great show last week.  There were more than 42 viewers at one time and the feedback was awesome.  Click on the video below to see the live broadcast and the link below the video to see the interactive chat messages.  Stay tuned for future shows.

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Am I Crazy for Being FREE, Cheap, and Easy?

October 21, 2008

When I was introduced to speak at the Hawaii Association of REALTORS State Convention in 2008, current State President Richie Richardson introduced me as the guy that is FREE, cheap, and easy.

“FREE” means there are some technologies that are out there that could severely eliminate budget items that do not cost a dime.  In fact, they will produce a higher net result that most traditional methods of communication, marketing, and advertising.

“Cheap” means that there are some technologies that require little investment.

“Easy” means that the technologies are easy to implement but it just takes a little bit of time to learn.

Let me be clear that I am not FREE nor am I cheap to hire.  I am definitely not easy as in being casual with my relationships.  I just want the ability to make a difference in peoples’ lives during these tough times.

I have had so many comments lately about me giving away all of my trade secrets to everyone purely on basis that one day people will see the value in bringing me in as a consultant, convention speaker, or workshop leader.  Please take a second to give me feedback.

7 Ways for REALTOR Associations to Save Money and Time

August 5, 2008

Membership is down.  Budgets are tighter.  Members expect more.  Remain relevant as the source of current information at a fraction of the cost.  In most cases FREE.  I am serious, FREE.  Association staff may need to be retrained on innovative marketing methods, integrated systems, and powerful tools to market their services to their members.

It just slowly slips away

It just slowly slips away

Here are my 7 ways to do it:

RSS. Email is becoming less relevant due to the number of SPAM messages that people receive on an hourly basis.  Give your members the ability to receive the information that they want to know about in a way that they want to receive it.  RSS is a way for people to subscribe to knowledge either by receiving emails or using a RSS reader.  Google and Yahoo both have a RSS reader.  New content that is typed and distributed using RSS will appear automatically on the homepages of these sites when you log in.  Subscribe to new education  classes. Subscribe to new policy changes.  Subscribe to new municipal ordinance changes.  Subscribe to association events.  It all happens automically for FREE.  Go to to promote your content that your members will be willing to receive instead of jamming their email inboxes.

Google Docs. Create budgets, marketing materials, presentations, statistics and agendas for FREE using Google Docs.  Each file publishes a new website that can be visible to everyone or selected parties.  Invite other members, staff, or leadership to collaborate on editing these documents to ensure accuracy and how the information will be distributed.  Each document is provided with its own unique hyperlink that can be used in email marketing, blogs, and own website.

Google Calendar. Promote all of your events on Google Calendar for FREE.  These events include where, when, and a detailed description of what is happening.  Invite others by sending an email that includes event info and a direct link to save directly to their Microsoft Outlook calendar.  This saves both association staff time with registration of events, entering data on multiple sites and attendees time and mistakes saving the information to their calendar.0

Blog. Frequently asked questions take up too much time on the phone.  If they were answered on a blog, members would know where to go to receive this data.  Anytime a FAQ (frequently asked question) is asked, then staff should post the answer to the blog which creates a unique web page.  Next, email the web page to the student in the form of a hyperlink.  If the same question is asked by another member then forward the web page the same way.

Online newsletters. Most members check their email on a daily basis.  Set up a schedule of twice a month or once a month that is loaded full of web links, not descriptions, to inform members of new changes, events, and activities for the association. and are two great email marketing type software to choose from.

TV Channel. Live events can be shared with the members for FREE.  Buy a Flip Video camera and record live classes, events, testimonials, and association activities and post them to  Create a detailed YouTube profile, custom YouTube players, favorite videos and allow your members to subscribe to receiving the latest videos produced by email or RSS.

Podcasting. Pick the best talkers in your bunch to go live with your own REALTOR Association podcast for FREE.  Hot topics, local market statistics, and new changes can be address by the Association Executive or current President.  Also, record members’ experiences as being a REALTOR, expertise in a certain area, or award winners.  Interview local politicians, utility companies, and service providers to give their expertise that has value to all the membership.

There are more to be discussed soon…

Doug Live in Columbia, Missouri

July 25, 2008

to watch this video please turn up the sound

Thank you to Chris Lunn with Chapel Hill Mortgage for sponsoring my debut in Columbia, Missouri.  My program 6 Cost Effective Ways to Build Your Online Brand was a smashing hit.  We had someone in our class, Sean Moore say, “I set up a profile in LinkedIn and didn’t do any networking.  Someone found me and hired me to find him a 350k house and was referred 3 million in sales from him.”  The truth been told we explored other social online networking sites and tools that will save agents thousands of marketing dollars and make more money in less time.  I was asked to put some of the sites on my blog so here they are:


Why Are They Giving Me All This For FREE?

July 20, 2008

Blogs, podcasts, social networks, widgets, wikis, jotts, and flower potts.  Why are they letting us use all of this for free?

Two reasons.

  1. Building a database. The most valuable asset of any business is their database of past clients, customers, prospects, and sphere of influence.  This list comprised of names, phone numbers, zip codes, email addresses allows businesses to implement marketing plans to either sell products, services or upgrades from the FREE versions.
  2. Selling advertising. Space on a website is no different than a billboard on a highway.  A visual that identifies a brand that leads to action.  Savvy online advertisers realize the return on investment from pay per click advertising and traffic generated that leads to sales.  These results are quantifiable and have proven to generate revenues faster than traditional forms of advertising.

A word to the wise. New FREE sites are populating the net daily to attract online attention by offering FREE services that truly have value.  My suggestion is to check where the company came from, what is their mission statement, are they backed by a reputable firm? Before signing up for the FREE service look for a note that says, “Your personal information is not to be released nor sold to a 3rd party.  We respect your privacy and make a commitment to protecting you.”

The last thing we want to do is subscribe to a FREE service and have our information sold to a third party without previous notice.