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Build Organization Value Using Low Cost Methods – CRS Leadership

November 8, 2008

This entry is a summary from the CRS Chapter Officers Networking Session at the National Association of REALTORS Convention in Orlando Florida.

This workshop was for the Chapter Leadership and RVP’s. to save money, save time, and add value to their local, state and regional CRS chapters. This high energy – high tech session will help them market their activities, member benefits, and create excitement using FREE to low cost technologies. Topics covered were blogging, podcasting, social online networking, Google Docs, and other FREE tools that will boost exposure and communication to members. Retool leadership with cutting edge technology that is easy to use and implement right away. Raise money from sponsorships, classroom attendance, and vendor relationships by allowing them to contribute to the bottom line.


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Sponsorship Ideas to Offset Education Expenses

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CRS Breakfast in Springfield Missouri – Virtual Idea Share

June 30, 2008

It is always a treat to visit with the Missouri CRS chapter.  What I love about Missouri is that everyone is always so nice.  The drive is about 3 hours from St. Louis which isn’t too bad.  We discussed doing a virtual idea share using a communication platform to serve our members.

This is the hottest Missouri CRS benefit know to man.  No other chapter or organization in real estate is offering this type of member benefit.  What will happen is the first members 12 members will have the opportunity to create PowerPoint slides and share their own ideas, marketing that works, or past success stories.  Each contributor will be able to display the video of themselves while they present 5 minutes of their best stuff.  Contributors may also receive additional exposure and referral opportunities as this video will be displayed nationally to CRS once completed.

There are two options participating:

  • Sharing
  • Viewing

In order to participate in the sharing:

1.      MUST have an active video web cam that works.   Sound must be live from their machine.  Featured as a presenter during online conference

2.      Must create one to five PowerPoint slides. Created in any version of PowerPoint. Slides will be reviewed prior to hosting

In order to participate in viewing the online video conference:

1.      You MUST be a Missouri CRS member

2.      You MUST have an online connection

3.      You MUST have speakers to listen to the presenters