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This Blog Has Moved

December 2, 2008

Please visit the link below.

This new blog has more information than the one you are looking at right this moment.  You can find free technology tips, tricks, FREE stuff, see my available seminars, schedule me for your next event, and see the integration of social media in its purest form.

This blog replaces my previous website at also.

See, notice, and feel the difference between hosting a blog at WordPress, or hosting on your own.


Create Forms or Surveys Using Google Docs

November 26, 2008

Create forms or surveys using Google Docs to save you both time or money. I used to use my email marketing software or but it takes you way too much time.

Advantages that Google Docs that has using forms:

  1. Show analysis and statistics from survey
  2. Publish form as website
  3. Embed form into own website
  4. Automatic spreadsheet of answers
  5. Publish answers to its own website

What kind of forms are we talking about?

  1. Pre-program questionnaire
  2. Class feedback
  3. Registrations for classes
  4. Registrations for events
  5. Open house surveys

Here is an example of the published form to send out to clients interested in living green.

Here is the example in Google Docs. Feel free to copy and paste into your own spreadsheet.

If you decide to fill out the form, click on the spreadsheet of answers to see how quickly the information appears.

Also, please note you could link text such as “click here to receive a 20 page PDF on green homes”

How to Become the Source of the Source – Find information faster than anyone in the world using the power of RSS

November 13, 2008

I don’t want to hear the excuse anymore that it takes to much time to pick up the newspaper and find out important industry information to impact the lives of clients that you serve. Motivational speakers and professional development icons recommend that we spend at least an hour a day reading some sort of content from newspapers, magazines, and industry reports. I belong to at least 10 professional trade organization and receive 10 different publications. I would much rather read what I want when I want it rather than finding the publication and then spending the time to find the article.

Become the source of the source

Become the source of the source

You may have heard me say time is money. Time wasted filtering information can be saved using a powerful tool called RSS. RSS stands for really simple syndication and those that see if for the first time think it is too technical and move on with their previous thought or idea. It is simple. Just take the time to learn it.

I recommend becoming a reader of blogs that are specific to your industry, personal tastes, and hobbies. In order to read blogs you need a RSS reader. Once you have the RSS reader in place then organize your reader into categories so you can filter and focus your attention on timely and specific topics.

All sounds great right? What’s next?

Learn how to set up a RSS reader and start subscribing to blogs.

Need more help. Take a look at this PowerPoint presentation to help you step by step.

Create a Looping Presentation using Microsoft PowerPoint

October 9, 2008

These are the directions for creating a looping PowerPoint presentation using Microsoft PowerPoint 2007.

Real Estate professionals can uses these to:

  1. Play at an open house with from their laptop and projector playing on a large clear wall
  2. Display at offices on flat screen televisions when people walk into the door

Instructors can use this to:

  1. Show motivational quotes prior to a class, workshop, seminar or convention
  2. Set a timer prior to class to let students know when to come back to class.

If you are using 2003 then the same directions apply but are found in different places.

Below you will see the picture of the screen that corresponds with the steps listed below each picture.  If you cannot see the picture clearly then click on the  picture for a larger view.

Animations tab

Animations tab

1.       Animations tab

2.       Check box automatically after __ seconds

3.       Apply to all

Set up slide show

Set up slide show

4.    Slideshow tab

5.    Set up slide show

Loop continuously until Esc

Loop continuously until Esc

6.    Check box loop continuously until Esc

7.    OK

8.    F5

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September 29, 2008


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111 Ways to Save Time and Money Using Google Docs

September 27, 2008

At the Missouri Association of REALTORS Business conference this month I had the priviledge to share all of the new ways you can use Google Docs for agents, brokers, REALTOR Associations, and instructors in 50 minutes.  How do you think I shared 111 in 50 minutes?  I explain the benefits, how to create the documents and then opened up the floor to see what documents they could create, edit, and share online.  I knew we couldn’t get all of them covered so I came up with my own 111 ways to share with the group when they were stuck.  Would you know that they had some similar ideas but had some gems that I want to share with you on the PowerPoint presentation listed below.

If you have some more ways please share them with everyone by making comments

How to Add a Video into a Live Power Point Presentation

September 6, 2008

There are many reasons why you would want to add a video into a PowerPoint presentation.

  1. Adds excitement.  Sound, animation, and videography captures the attention of people immediately.  Videos can show emotions of multiple people interacting in a way most speakers cannot describe just from their voice.
  2. Explains complex subjects.  Demonstration how to videos found on explain new terms and processes better than most can describe live.  An articulate voice describes uncommon terms in a way that makes sense while animating pictures with their hands.  This clear, concise, and jovial voice is exact each and every time.  This also allows the speaker to view audience members to see who is having more trouble understanding complex subject matter.
  3. Give speaker a break.  A pause in the action can allow the speaker to get a drink of water, recollect thoughts, and organize materials for the next learning objective.  Also, the tone, speed, and differentiation in volume can refocus the attention of your audience.
  4. Live examples.  Sometimes it may be difficult to clearly articulate a case study because some people cannot envision the people involved in the example.  Videos allow your group to see, hear, and watch the entire situation happpen.

Here is how you add a video into a PowerPoint Presentation:

  1. Select the video.  Make sure the video is in the appropriate file format and length that video will play back in a good quality.  Acceptable file format for Microsoft PowerPoint is .avi, .mpeg, .wmv.  The higher the quality of the video the larger the file size.  The lower the quality of the video the smaller the file size.  When a video is inserted to a PowerPoint it may also increase the size of the PowerPoint presentation depending how the video is inserted (see step 2).  I recommend saving all videos in folder called My Videos located in My Documents.  This way you can find them when you need them quickly.
  2. Microsoft PowerPoint.  You can insert video into Microsoft PowerPoint Presentations two different ways.  First, you can insert a hyperlink (CTRL-K) from either text or a picture that when clicked will open up the video in the default video player establilshed on your computer.  This requires that you move back to the computer to click on the link and close down the video player when the video is finished.  Second, you can insert the video directly into the PowerPoint presentation as an animation effect (see step 4).  This will then play the video when the wireless presenter remote is clicked on the screen in a section or in full screen mode.  Once the video has finished playing the video can disappear and move on to the next animation effect in the PowerPoint Presentation.
  3. Animation effect.  If the video is inserted directly into the PowerPoint presentation then it is automatically considered an animation effect.  All animation effects can be edited from the aminations tab and selecting custom animation.  Once custom animation has been selected a window will appear on the right hand side of the screen with the video marked with the standard play button.  All animation effects can be controlled by the wireless presenter remote, playing while other animations are happening, or after animations that have taken place.  Also, enhanced features will determine how the video appears and how long it will last.
  4. Enhanced video features.  Most presenters will want to have the video zoomed to full screen and played by the click of the wireless remote.  This saves time finding the video, travelling to the computer to play, and the class patience waiting for you to get the video started.  On the animations window, right click on the video file and choose effect options.  There will be three tabs that control the movie animation.  The third tab you will want to check the box that says “Zoom to Full Screen”.  On the second tab called timing you will want to select the box that says triggers and then animate as part of click sequence. 

Once you have followed these steps then you will be able to add excitement to your presentations, explain complex subjects, give yourself a break and show live examples of the idea you are trying to communicate.

You may make some mistakes as you learn but that is all part of the process.  Teach it to someone else.  That is really the best way we learn.

Should Brokers Have Control Over Online Social Networking

August 28, 2008
This is a tough one

This is a tough one

An online social profile is a very, intimate piece of marketing, advertising, and communication.  It allows the person to express who they really are so that they can associate with other like-minded people.  The agent has the ability to control who sees what part of their profile, who they associate with, and the comments that are made back and forth with each person.  Since the supervising broker is responsible for the actions of their agents should brokers have control over the profiles of online social networks?

Here are my questions:

1.      Does a broker have the ability to control what happens on an agent’s profile?

2.      Can a broker be liable for the actions that take place on their agents’ profile?

3.      Does the broker reserve the right to terminate an agent solely based on their personal profile?

4.      Should brokers require their agents to join their network, be friends, or participate in the same group?

5.      Can a broker reprimand an agent who recommends another agent or broker (competitor) in the same market?

6.      Should agents keep their online social profiles separate from personal and business?

There are no rules that have been established yet in this game.  Brokers will need to re-examine their policies and procedures to ensure that their agents are abiding by Fair Housing, Code of Ethics and state license laws on a regular basis.

Where does it end?

It won’t.  Free applications, widgets, websites, blogs and profiles will continue to flood the internet making it virtually possible for brokers to keep track of every single agent and their actions on the web.  The best way I can think of is to create Google Alerts for every one of their agents.  There may be others so please make a comment based on what trends you may see.

The Ultimate Email Signature

August 21, 2008
Every email is a marketing piece

Every email is a marketing piece

Every email is a marketing piece. Thank you Saul Klein for that invaluable piece of information. Every time you send the initial email starting a conversation it is crucial to insert your contact information. Check your email signature to see what you are using right now. I said RIGHT NOW!

No matter what your email software you are using you can still create multiple email signatures and use each one when appropriate for the recipient, group representing, or the purpose of the message.

Here are some examples of different email signatures to use:

  1. Professional email signature long. This puppy should have the most information about you and the company you represent. There should be a series of hyperlinks that direct traffic to your website, other pages in your website, blog, podcast, email to text messaging, and social media sites.
  2. Professional email signature short. This signature should include your basic contact information including name, company, address, fax, email and website. No more.
  3. Professional email signature bio. Sometimes people will ask you for information about the type of services that you offer. Add this information as a email signature and use when appropriate.
  4. Signature representing organization. Some of us may be involved with organizations outside our main business. If you serve as a committee chair, board of directors, or just another member of a non for profit, create a separate email signature along with your relationship for this group. It will help market that organization and let people know that you represent more than just your own wallet.
  5. Personal email signature. Friends and family may need your home phone number, address, personal blog, or photo sharing websites. Include an extra for your own personal life. People will appreciate you not thinking business all the time.

Here is an example of my professional long email signature:

Check one please: I will get back to you [] No need [] Please follow up []

“Connecting REALTORS With Technology”

Doug Devitre e-PRO, ABR, GRI, CRS

Devitre Holdings, LLC.

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Tips for Outsourcing Your Online Social Networking

August 16, 2008
Getting plugged in

Getting plugged in

Time is best spent in front of clients or prospects that will say yes to your product or service. Anything else is optional. Online social networking can be a proactive way to convert prospects into clients but will require attention to detail and the right approach, just like meeting someone for the first time in a live environment. Prospecting online can be done by a lead manager, virtual assistant, or part time staff as long as the rules are set forth in the beginning how to handle interaction. Tim Ferriss, author of the Four Hour Work Week, told me that he was able to go on 5 dates in the same day by outsourcing his dating online. He set up his virtual assistant to describe the ideal soulmate he was looking for and how to eliminate the rest. Although this method was somewhat Misogynistic it still worked and worked well.

Building the Profile. The virtual assistant should do this. Give them the template that you have personally created and let them take the time to upload your contact information that matches the fields in each profile. Each online profile may have different fields so be clear on dictating what goes where. Create the username that is the same and a password that is similar to each one. Since each profile will require a unique password make sure the VA tells you what the password is. You may want to create a separate email address for the sake of online social networking so your main email is not filled with unsolicited SPAM. Make sure the VA emails you a link with all the profiles created in a Microsoft Word Document for future web, blog, or email marketing purposes.

Who is your perfect contact? If you are trying to build a network you should look for people that you will want to do business with and skip over everyone else. Are you looking for people of influence or just want to add anyone to your list. The more specific you are on who you want to add as a connection the easier it will be for your virtual assistant (VA) to handle and the more accurate your database will be to keep in contact. Search for people by job title, company, network, group, and key words. This alone will increase your sales by 10% for a minimum wage employee to operate.

Only respond to serious inquiries. The messages you will receive will be “Add me as a friend, join my network, connect with me on___”. Since this is a two way street people will be asking you to join their network. Be sure to have your virtual assistant (VA) examine the profiles of these people carefully. Treat adding people as if you were contacting them to join your network. If they do not match the creIf they have 2,000 connections they could be on a frenzy to just add people to their list to SPAM. Make this rule clear to your VA so that you do carefully select people you want to do business with to join your network.

Personal messages. Personal messages may or may not be outsourced. This is a judgment call. VAs will not know your personal life so it may be difficult for a VA to respond. If it looks like SPAM it is probably SPAM. If the message is not personalized, it is probably SPAM. Any messages sent out to your contacts to join networks or become friends should always include a personal message. This will increase the success rate tremendously. Create a template for invitations and messages that match the type of person, group, or purpose of communication.