New NAR Green Designation Released at the National Association of REALTOR Convention

I had the privilege to attend the brand new green designation of the National Association of REALTORS at the 2008 annual Convention in Orlando, Florida.  There was so much content it was like drinking water out of a fire hose.  There were so many things that I am going to implement because of the tips, strategies, and innovative methods to save energy. Not only is the course good for the environment but also will help my and my family save money during the winter months.

Let's get green

Let's get green!

There seems to be more people hopping on the green bandwagon and I was lucky enough to have first hand education on how to implement green as part of my lifestyle.

Check out some videos that I recorded from others that were in the class.

To learn more about the green designation and additional green resources check out.


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One Response to “New NAR Green Designation Released at the National Association of REALTOR Convention”

  1. Michael Welk Says:

    Doug –

    Great to finally meet you in person. Sorry I could not stay for the entire YPN event but had to make an appearence at the ActiveRain event and with our state president.

    Like to speak with you this week about a couple of items that have surfaced with the association.


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