Am I Crazy for Being FREE, Cheap, and Easy?

When I was introduced to speak at the Hawaii Association of REALTORS State Convention in 2008, current State President Richie Richardson introduced me as the guy that is FREE, cheap, and easy.

“FREE” means there are some technologies that are out there that could severely eliminate budget items that do not cost a dime.  In fact, they will produce a higher net result that most traditional methods of communication, marketing, and advertising.

“Cheap” means that there are some technologies that require little investment.

“Easy” means that the technologies are easy to implement but it just takes a little bit of time to learn.

Let me be clear that I am not FREE nor am I cheap to hire.  I am definitely not easy as in being casual with my relationships.  I just want the ability to make a difference in peoples’ lives during these tough times.

I have had so many comments lately about me giving away all of my trade secrets to everyone purely on basis that one day people will see the value in bringing me in as a consultant, convention speaker, or workshop leader.  Please take a second to give me feedback.

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2 Responses to “Am I Crazy for Being FREE, Cheap, and Easy?”

  1. carol ball Says:

    hi doug- lost the first partial message. but to continue, I think that your sharing of technology info for free is brilliant. I don’t view it as a marketing come-on at all . You bring technology to the fingertips of even the most challenged individual and bring a meta-level facility and understanding to the tasks–what a gift to the industry. In academic circles your philosophy is the norm where the goal is to become known and used as a reference. You are definately in that class. keep up the good work and thank you.
    mahalo, carol

  2. tbowcut Says:

    Doug, I came across your blog from a search on Google Docs. I am impressed wit h the content on your site. Looks like you post a lot of useful tools, not only for real estate agents, but for any website/blog. Keep up the good work!
    I noticed you used Poll Daddy for this Poll on your site. I recently wrote a post comparing some different tools to easily capture data like this on your site. You might find it of some interest…
    Thanks again and I look forward to more great content from your site.
    T. Bowcut

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