Advertising From the Eye in the Skye

Google is God!  Let me prove it one more time.  Google earth is so awesome because it allows you to see the ariel view from above and let’s you see buildings from an angle.  To start using Google Earth you must download it from Google.   Watch the tutorial

Visit and download the program to your computer. Once the program is installed then you can start playing around.

The photos are precisely detailed, and you can view buildings from an angle instead of just the tops of the roof.  If you use a program called Snag It, then you take screen captures and save pictures of the images created on Google Earth.  Be sure to check with your attorney to make sure you have the rights to use these pictures in your marketing.  Just a warning. Snap shot from Google Earth

Snap shot from Google Earth

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One Response to “Advertising From the Eye in the Skye”

  1. cheryl Messina Says:

    Google Earth is great, but try Choose Maps, then put in the address. I think this site is awesome!!!

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