Criteria for Selecting Which Online Network to Use

Since there are several online social networks to choose from it is important to select the one based on the following:

Demographic profile. Each online social networking has its own demographic of users that range from a variety of ages.  We will see though that as time passes the median will increase since more people will have created a profile and become accustomed to the network.  Here is a blog post that had some good info.

RSS feeds. RSS or Really simple syndication allows you to relay information from one site to another without having to post to individual sites.  Online software such as will help you create an account to set up multiple feeds.  Set up a different feed for your blog posts, other blogs, podcast, and Google calendar items.

Widgets. A widget is an application or software that can be use in one or many other applications, websites, blogs and online communication.  Examples of widgets are:

1.      Allowing the world to communicate by instant messaging from the real estate professional’s website.

2.      Display mortgage interest rates that change by the minute without having to update.

3.      Show new blog posts on your website without changing the website regularly.

Maximum administrative control. There are going to be some content displayed on your social network that you want all of your friends to see, a select few to preview, or the entire world to research your profile.  Online social networking allows the participants to collaborate, share, analyze, and add value by posting news, events, or just by saying hello.  Identify which online social networks allow for controlling how members can add, change, or view information.


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