Why REALTOR Associations Should Network Online

REALTOR Associations have a great deal of tasks to accomplish.  The thought of adding one more responsibility to the mix would cause more stress.  Anytime you add something new you must take something out.  This is no different that  buying clothes and donating/pitching the old ones.  Here are just a few reasons why it may help save time and money.

Free exposure. The costs of stamps, paperwork, and ink are going up.  Marketing yourself online is free once you have the internet connection.  The only cost is time.  Dedicate at least 20 minutes a day to add friends, send them messages, ask for testimonials, update your profile or add videos.

Online presence. The cost of not being visible is greater than the time of creating a profile and group.  Each online community will ask to create a username and password to view your profile and participate in sharing.  Select the same username across multiple communities or one that matches your website name. Each profile will give you a unique website to link from your website, link from your blog, and add to email marketing.  The username will appear in the URL of the profile and if consistent will enhance search engine optimization with your main real estate website.

Find lost contacts. If you have past clients, lost classmates, or friends you have had but lost their contact information then you can always try searching online for them.  Each online communities have a combination of searches to find people by graduating high school, college, employer, or interest.

Target newer members. Young real estate leaders are eager to participate in what happens to their local real estate association but may not know to get involved.  Instead of attending meetings they are ready to share online.  Online communities allow for collaboration of new ideas and concepts faster than meetings that require face to face contac.


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