Should I Sell My Own House?

I love my house but I want to move.  I know how big of pain in the you know what it is to move since I practice in the business.  At the same time I want to be close to the airport, walking distance to restaurants, and close to the fun.  The question then becomes do I try and sell it myself or do I hire someone?  I have been trained as a skilled negotiator, expert marketer, and accurate when it comes to pricing but when it comes to my own personal life the emotions run wild.  I mean the unrealistic side sets in because of how much my house means to me, the upgrades, and forget about the little stuff that I have learned to put up with.  The market is okay but not great to sell but I want out especially before the leaves start to fall.  What do you think?


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3 Responses to “Should I Sell My Own House?”

  1. Andrea Sheridan Says:

    Hi Doug:
    I think you would market your home better than any other Realtor out there because of the above stated concerns. Where have we gone wrong as an industry if we are not as passionate about marketing our client’s homes as we would be our own. If you prepare yourself ahead of time to realisticly evaluate all offers, you will be fine. Just take the time to step back and look at it like you would for any other home you sell. Who else but you knows your limits and expectations when it comes to selling your home? I think the process would be more nerve-racking for you because you wouldn’t have a handle on all of the things that were happening for the transaction and you would worry if everything was getting done the way YOU would want them to be done: if you could give up complete control of the situation it could work… Best wishes! 🙂

  2. Doug Devitre Says:

    Thanks for the comment. I believe you are right. I just feel sorry for the other agent who has to work with me 🙂 only kidding…

  3. Victoria Ares Says:

    Based on experience (for both scenarios) I agree with Andrea. Believe me, do it your self. Protect your self with E&O appropriate insurance, disclosure, even an appraisal and home inspection/warranty. We all say to do it. Few do. I have. I have always been able to utilize them in the sale. Adds credibility and lessons liability. All good. – Victoria

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