Marketing Your Blog

Ok.  So you have invested some time in publishing a blog?  Now what.  A blog is an advertisement of your information in cyberspace and the only way you can people to read your blog is to drive traffic to it.  Here is a quick checklist that you can use in order to boost your subscriptions and comments.

Date (month, day, year)




Tuesday May 5, 2008

Time of day

(include am/pm)







Example Entry Title (topic of conversation – 10 words or less)


How to sell for MORE

Tags (up to 10 keywords)



Selling, staging, appraisal, marketing, closing, pricing, equity,





Sell it NOW, Relocation, FSBOs

Comments (require approval, hide)



Require approval















There is no question that a REALTOR® has a fiduciary responsibility to get their seller client the MOST amount of money in the LEAST amount of time with the FEWEST hassles.  Let me share with you the three TOP things that will get you all of these items.

1.    Price you select.  Pricing your property accurately in the beginning is the surest way to have the highest return on investment.  If you have heard the saying sheep get sheared, pigs get fat, and hogs get slaughtered.  Click here to read more…


Marketing Your Blog

Blog Marketing Checklist





Buy domain name



Create blog account



Forward domain name to blog URL



Create template



Create categories



Create favorite links



Handling comments



Posted to personal website



Posted to company website



Included in email marketing



Posted to online social media sites



Communicate in other blogs



Business cards



Print advertising









Talk about in podcast



Create and post widgets








Recommended blogging software


Recommended Widgets



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