Are you having a tough time COMMUNICATING with your membership?

The association paradigm has shifted from traditional advertising and media to innovative ways to communicate to any group or association.  Paper, money, ink, time and energy are invaluable resources.  The paradigm now reveals the association can positively contribute these resources more effectively by using online platforms that will pay handsome dividends in member benefits and satisfaction.

Let’s take a look at how the paradigm has shifted…

Old association paradigm:

This diagram shows time and money consumption of traditional services:


The new association paradigm:



This diagram shows time and money consumption of new services:




This new paradigm calls for a whole new set of rules on how the game is to be played.  This means association management, staff, and its members MUST be trained on utilizing these platforms so the Association will REMAIN RELEVANT.


The rise of the internet allows anyone to create and distribute content on whatever they want, whenever they want.  Many outside companies are luring REALTORS® to subscribe to education programs and services that they may not be providing a substantial return on investment and may negatively impact the consumer. 


Each local and state REALTOR® should consider addressing the paradigm on how its members and attempt to incorporate new social online media platforms into their strategic action plan.


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